Wednesday, 18 May 2011

WIP Wednesday

So straight to the point today!

Firstly a big big big thank you to all of you who through your lovely comments motivated me to pick up my table runner and finish off quilting it.

Quilting complete
Basically I stayed up on Sunday night till it was finished.  So thank you, the WIP Wednesday does work!

I ordered more City Weekend (Roundabout Dots in Bistro Red) from Lizzet at the Fabric Loft on Monday.   I was toying with introducing another colour into the mix but decided against it, I am staying with the current colour palette.  So I hope to have it finished for next week's WIP!

Recapping on other goals that I had set from last week -

Destash - didn't get anywhere with that.

Make baby ball - yep I did, I just have to stuff it now, will do that one of these evenings watching the TV.


I made loads more drawstring bags!

I managed to make about 3 more mobile phone covers.

Made a custom order mug rug.

Made more buttons.


Take a deep breath before reading... this list is growing!

Make son a little pouch to hold his guitar pick - VIP request from son

Make more hexies, I want to make a pillow.  (chomping nails nervously - have never made a pillow before). 

Make more round mug rugs/ teapot stands

Cut the grass... oops that's a different list!

Make 5 cafetiere cosies - I know I am aiming high here.  I picked up some new fabric this morning for this task.

I realise I am not going to achieve most of the above in a week, but even starting some of the long term projects would be a great start!

I am linking up as usual to WIP Wednesday hosted by Freshly Pieced, why not head over and see what everyone else has been up to for the last week! 

X Have a good Wednesday everyone!


  1. If you've made a runner, you can definitely make a pillow! Just beware, making pillows can be kind of addictive :) Your runner turned out fantastic, great job!

  2. Love the quilting on your runner it looks great! I think you're right on the fabric colours too. And your phone covers are really cute :-)

  3. Keep going, you are doing good!!

  4. Great job on the quilting of your table runner. Very pretty!

  5. The straight line quilting on the runner is perfect. Fabulous effect. Happy WIP Wednesday!

  6. Your runner is so pretty. Looking at everyone's WIPs make me add to my to-do list every time!

    Your hexagons are so pretty and perfect. I've made pillows before, but not out of hexagons. If I can make a pillow, you can make a pillow, because as far I can see, you are much more skilled than I am.

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. Table runner is gorgeous! I love the simplicity of it, great job.

  8. Your table runner turned out super! These WIP Wednesday's really do work, I have only been doing them about a month now and already I am being more conscience of what I am getting done during the week, but why do the Wednesday's have to come so close together?

  9. Your runner looks great! Good luck getting as much done as you can this week. I know sometimes an overly full to-do list can have the opposite effect on me, especially when it never seems to stop growing.

  10. Love the runner! Great to see you making great progress on your projects - wish I was more productive, too many things going on right now for sewing much!

  11. Great, great table runner! And wow, what a list! I'm sure you'll have another productive week ahead of you though!

  12. Your runner looks great and don't worry, you can definitely make a pillow! Start with an envelope closure if you are worried about doing a zipper :)

  13. Great straight line quilting on the runner!

  14. LOVE your table runner! Really!

  15. I love that your son asked for a guitar pick pouch! Very fun.

    Love your phone cases too!

  16. Gorgeous runner! I love it! The straight-line quilting looks so great. And I love that WIP Wednesday works! : )

    Thanks for linking up, have a great week.

  17. The tablerunner looks great! I love the straight quilting.
    Good luck with your to do list.

  18. I'm working on a hexie pillow too, right now! Don't let pillows intimidate you. They are easy after the first one.

    Love the quilting on the runner.


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