Monday, 2 May 2011

Wonky Star Mug Rug

I have had this Kona Solid Grey fabric for yonks now and have been waiting for the right thing to us it for and I hope I have found it.  

I wanted to try the wonky star and did a first attempt on white, but my points weren't right, but that's how you learn right?

Attempt 1
Once I realised that I had to make sure to have the bottom part of the points crossing, see above picture, bottom middle square, I tried another one.

When the block was built I needed to enlarge it, but at this stage I had my wadding on as I was embroidering it, thankfully I had wadding larger than the block (recommended of course) it enabled me to add a Cloud9 fabric border, phew! 

A bit of embroidery... 

I joined all three layers using my favourite invisible thread.  I wouldn't necessarily use invisible thread to join my layers but because I wanted to feature the embroidery I didn't want anything else distracting from the embroidery. So invisible thread was called for in the ditch.

The back..

I love the subtleness of this thread.  The front

Finally the binding,

The binding is also Cloud9 fabric, organic cotton, lovely to work with and the colours are so soft and gentle, gorgeous!  There are plenty of binding tutorials online but I found this one very handy.  The photos in the tutorial are very clear as are the instructions and from there after the first couple of attempts it's fine!

I used to sew the binding on with a 1/4" but now I sew it on with a smaller seam allowance, this gives me a thinner binding appearance on the front I prefer this for the rugs.  It's personal choice though isn't it?

So the end product ..

Have a good Monday all!

x Fi


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