Saturday, 9 July 2011

Coffee anyone?

Despite the wind and rain myself and my friend Eimear had a great day at the Sage and Stone Farmers Market (we'll be there again end of July).  In preparation for a sunny day I brought sun cream, but it proceeded to rain and the wind was a rail pain to be honest, but I still managed to get sun burnt on the top of my forehead (ouch!).

I got my first custom order (through a market) and it was for a large cafetiere cosy.  A friend of ours kindly lent me their large Bodum and I proceeded to make the cosy.

I used Robert Kaufman's Cafe Metro Vintage.  I find it a very elegant print and ok not coffee pots but it's very popular with my customers.

I lightly quilted around the teapot and a couple of cups.  Then I used some gorgeous shimmering blue seed beads which were exactly the same colour as the blue petals on the teapot and I sewed them on.

I had one final look to see if there was anything else I could bead and found I could sneak in two more seed beads!


I also received in the post this week some insulated batting for making oven gloves, pot holders and so on so I am going to use that for my next cosy and of course using the same fabric!

Have a good day everyone!



  1. Lovely, I love a nice bead or 3!

  2. I'm glad the market went well for you despite the wind and the rain!

  3. Congrats on your first custom order! The way you used the beads is lovely. Let's hope next market will be sunny and dry.

  4. I love the beads! You did a fab job - anyone would be happy to have that little cozy warming their coffee :)

    I also truly like your new blog header. Nice and bright, fresh and cheery. Well done!

  5. I love that caffetiere cover, it's so lovely!


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