Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Green Hearts Quilt

First of all the hearts aren't green but this quilt is predominantly green and it has hearts so....

I received an order to make a baby quilt as a christening gift. 

1. Fit a cotbed.
2. For a little girl therefore customised for her and her alone!
3. Same colours as in a quilt I made last Christmas.

This quilt measures 40" w X 56.5" h.  Comfortably fits cotbed.

Once I got all my fabrics in including KONA SNOW (my mistake) and KNOW WHITE I was ready to go.

I cut out my squares 4.5" and started stitching them together, from there I started sewing the rows together.  I am a nitpicker about the points meetings (says she the expert) but I did have to take out my "unpicker" a few times and realine the rows.

Once I had the top built, it was time to baste it.  I used cotton wadding and my KONA SNOW as the backing.  Now I didn't initially like the KONA SNOW when I received it in the post, but now I am converted.  I like the antique look it inspires. 

Quilt basted and quilted

Using safety pins I basted the three layers together, I basically put a safety pin in each alternating square and the I was happy that the three layers were nice and secure.  Then the fun part, quilting!  I quilted using free motion quilting, this is the first time I have quited a quilt using this method. In the past I have only used this method on small items like mug rugs.

I trimmed off the excess wadding and fabric in order to start binding my quilt.

I love the back too!
I made my binding by cutting 2 1/4" wide strips of fabric.  I have actually taken photos to do a binding tutorial soon.
2 1/4" strips

So these strips became this binding, which once they were all sewn together I folded it wrong sides together and ironed it like so

I pinned it all the way around my quilt, don't be shy about using all of your pins, the more the better because the fabric won't move.
Mitered corners

If you have young children watch out, they will take your quilting gloves (aka gardening gloves) and put them under your chair... hey why not!!  I didn't need them at this stage!

Once the binding was sewn on using my walking foot, and taking my time so that the fabric doesn't move I sewed it all around the back using a blind stitch and that was it finished!

Watch those feet!


  1. It's lovely! What a lucky little girl :)

    You make mitered corners differently than I do. Maybe you'll teach me some time?

  2. Oh it's lovely!!!!!!

    And may I add your blog is looking mighty fine this evening!

  3. What a special gift! It's beautiful! Definitely for a lucky little girl!

  4. Ok, Fi, well you know already I love this but great post! I love that you cut your binding 2 1/4 inches, I do too, love it that bit narrower than the standard! Your FMQ is great. How does the Kona Snow look, its hard to tell the difference on the photos?

  5. Lovely quilt!

    I love the new use for your gloves - very funny!


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