Sunday, 17 July 2011

Late night and new items

It's an overcast and windy day here in Dublin today, but hopefully it'll clear up later, I can't complain because we have had lovely weather for the last week and the garden needs water.

I was up late last night finishing two orders.  Is there something with the 27th July?  All my orders are due by this date?!  Not complaining mind you as always I am chuffed and honoured that people want to buy my items and that they come back for more, I am very grateful!

Edit: Before I go into what I made last night, I am for real (!) joining Lynne's HAL


You coming to play!!!??

Do you want to see what I made?

I made a mini cafetiere cosy for the 2 cup bodum (although when I look it up on the Bodum website it seems to be a 3 cup but it's teensy?)  Any how its the smallest Bodum cafetiere pot.  Because my customers coffee jug is purple I thought it apt to use my new Robert Kaufman fabric which has vibrant oranges and purples in it.

I couldn't resist
adding beads...

Next on to a little girls coin purse, my instructions were that it had to be girly.

 Can you see the seed beads glittering on her cute dress?.  I also quilted around her outline.  Is it girly enough.. I hope it's ok.

This is the other side of the purse

I am itching to get started on a log cabin quilt that I saw in a magazine, it would be for a baby, so I hope to get started on that shortly.

Despite the weather it isn't actually cold so DH is on a mission to take the boys out and get some bbq meat, oh did I mention that our oven heating element broke? So it'll HAVE to be bbq today, waiting for the part to be delivered from the UK this week hopefully.

As usual thanks for dropping in and having a read!



  1. Lovely cosy and purse - amply girly!
    Good luck with the BBQ, it is torrential rain here a the moment and I have to take the girls out in full-length Barbie princess regalia to a party in an hour!

  2. oh dear, good luck with the bbq, we have torrential rain and thunderstorms, then a bit of sunshine, then back to the rain...
    The purse and the cover look fab


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