Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A little pin cushion or two

Day 3 and another post (heehee Cindy!)

I had so many plans last night to finish this and start that and stuff this and in the end only stuffed the baby ball.  Don't know if any one else ever feels the same, by the time the kiddies were in bed I was ready to join them.  In the end I made this little fella here!

Now you have to take my word on this but this pin cushion is actually very small, I was trying to get a photo that would demonstrate this but was unsuccesful, but basically it fits in the palm of your hand!

Now ignore the white thread it's only a first attempt, you don't want to see the hole underneath which I would cover with a fabric covered button! I am eager to make another one of these (or several), I think they would be nice to hand out with some of my orders as a little gift!

Here is one I made a few months ago, slight different method but I added the beads and made my own button.

I even added some seed beads on the sides

Now don't hold your breath for Day 4, I have the boys all day tomorrow so I'll be good for nothing at the end of the day!




  1. Yippee!! I love it when you post new goodness like this! We'll give you tomorrow off, will we?

    These would be a great addition to your orders. Who wouldn't love one of these? I do really like the beads on the first cushion/second photo. A little sparkle is always good.


  2. The red and aqua one is so gorgeous! So bright and lovely :)


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