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A Tutorial Swap - A Bunting Tutorial by Sarah at FairyFace Designs

Welcome all.

I would like to introduce you to Sarah of FairyFace Designs, quite a few of you probably already now Sarah.  Sarah makes wonderful quilts and also gives great tutorials.

Sarah suggested we do a tutorial swap so she has prepared a great tutorial for bunting (I bought my tape yesterday!) and I in turn have put together a tutorial on making fabric covered buttons on Sarah's blog.  So read on and enjoy!

Thanks so much to Fi for having me share this straightforward tutorial for making your own baby/children’s bunting. It’s a really versatile project that’s great to give a bedroom or playroom a lift, or makes a lovely baby gift. Sometimes I cut baby’s name in felt letters and use fabric glue to attach a letter to each flag to personalise it. Enjoy.

Simple Bunting Tutorial

Materials Required:

Paper / Cardboard for template
2.5 metres/2.75 yards of 25mm/1” cotton tape or ribbon
16 Large fabric scraps (at least 20x20cm / 8x8”) for flags – but you need 2 identical pieces for each flag front and back.
Matching thread


Scissors & Water Soluble Pen OR Rotary cutter/Mat/Ruler
Pinking Shears (an alternative sewing method is described if you don’t own one)



1. Make your flag template by drawing and cutting out a paper/cardboard triangle. I use graph paper to draw mine to make it easier to measure. This can be as long/short/wide as you personally like. I make mine 18cm(7”) long at the longest point, and 16cm (6.25”) wide at the bottom.

2. Cut your Fabric Flags:


   (i) Trace around your template onto the fabric using a water soluble pen or pencil (your lines will not be visible at the end).

(ii) Then, carefully cut your fabric, keeping it flat to the table surface with your non cutting hand. For speed, you can double your fabric over and cut 2 layers at once.


(i) Line up your paper template with the edge of your ruler and cut your fabric flags. You can cut a number of layers at once, as many as you are comfortable with.

(ii) You need to cut a front and back piece (identical) for each flag you want – for this bunting, I had 2 pieces of each of 8 fabrics.

3. For each flag, place the 2 pieces together WRONG SIDES together and sew a 1cm (approx 0.5”) around all 3 sides, making sure to backstitch at the start and end to secure the stitching.

4. Using your pinking shears, trim around each edge to give a nice decorative finish. Try to keep it close to the edges rather than cutting too far into the seam allowance.

ALTERNATIVE METHOD: If you do not own a pinking shears, you can sew your flags right sides together along the 2 long sides of the triangle. Then clip the excess fabric at the point of the triangle (being careful not to clip the stitches) and turn right side out, using a knitting needle or similar to push the flag point out gently. Press and trim the top edges if necessary.

5. Take your cotton tape and fold in half lengthwise, wrong sides together (if there is one), ironing the fold as you go.

6. Spread out your tape (on the ironing board is good) and find the midpoint. Mark it with a pin. Decide how close or far apart you want your flags and, using a tape measure, pin them in place, inserting the flags into the fold and pinning in place.

7. I use a distance of 6cm (approx 2.25”) between flags. Start with the 2 middle flags and work out from the centre. (Remember to place the 2 middle flags only half the desired spacing measurement from your middle pin).

8. Check that the distance between the last flags and the end of the tape is even on both sides.

9. Prepare the tape ends by making a cut on the diagonal as shown in the picture and folding it inwards. Then fold the tape back over lengthwise again.

10. Backstitching to secure the thread at the start, sew the tape together close to the edge. You can see in the picture I use the red dot in my presser foot as a guide to keep my seam straight. Take it slowly at the start and end to keep your folded ends tidy. Sew all the way down your tape, securing the flag ends inside the tape.

11. Step back and admire your finished bunting!!

12. If you have any questions, please email me at And please pop over and say hi at


  1. Looks great! Love Sarah's work and I enjoyed your button tut too!

  2. Well done, Sarah! Your photos are great :) Thanks for sharing, Fi!!

  3. I've just done this tutorial as a first attempt at getting into/back into sewing. It was great for a novice like me - all the info I needed and the instructions didn't assume I'd know anything! My bunting is hanging in my living room, I'm very pleased with it! Thank you!

  4. I put right sides together and turn....but I love the idea of pinking the I'm going to have a go at that!
    Thanks! x


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