Sunday, 18 September 2011

What a day

I realised I forgot to take photos of my last two customised baby balls that I had shown a preview of a couple of posts ago!  

But I finished off another one for a little boy called Charlie (cute name!) this morning.

So here it is, my fav so far, this time I used blue thread to stitch all the pieces together as opposed to white thread, it's small thing and probably not noticeable but I know it's there!

But has this ever happened to any one else?

I was trimming off the excess off a little quilt I am making and I inadvertently trimmed off 1/4 extra than all other three sides, can you believe it!!! So I trimmed the opposite too but left the top and bottom alone, do you reckon that should be ok?  It's a messy looking quilt so as hubby said it won't be obvious at all at all and he said that I am missing the point, in error you have created something else. 

I have held off the binding the quilt (the binding is ready and waiting) until I have a clear head!


  1. As a rehabilitated perfectionist that wouldn't bother me anymore. When you hold it up it probably isn't noticeable at all! Only you (& hubby) will know it's there. Cute ball btw. Jxo

  2. Aww shucks!! I reckon once the binding is on, it'll be absolutely fine xx

    Charlie's ball is sweet xx

  3. I make mistakes all the time. I try to fudge it a in the seems though.
    As my mother says "only God is perfect."

  4. Hi Fi! I've done that and its absolutely fine. Don't worry at all. Go on and get that binding on. I can't wait to see a photo :)

  5. You have a wonderful hubby!! he's a keeper. And I love the ball. It's sweet.


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