Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A personalised coin purse

Sorry guys, for those of you checking in, I have just been busy with different things!

Well I got this order for some personalised coin purses and this one was a priority.

My new customer asked for the names Aine & Damien.  You may notice a line over the A in the picture and that is because it is an Irish name A with a fada but cannot add that symbol here.

Any how this order gave me another opportunity to practice my embroidery stitches.  I did the back stitch (the names), the french knot (they look like beads (ah there's an idea) and finally the blanket stitch which is effectively ensuring that the linen heart stays put.  I did use some fusible interfacing to attach the heart to the fabric and then like I said the blanket stitch.

I sneaked in a little bead, you cannot really see it on the photo but it's sitting on the french knot over the letter "i", can you see it!??

Finally the inside has pink polkda dot cotton fabric, just to keep it nice and girly, although I have been advised that this purse is for an adult.  So hopefully she likes it!

It is slightly larger than my other purses because of the names and how it all came together but I think that works well in this case, it is for an adult after all!

Have a good evening from wet and windy Dublin!


  1. They're going to be thrilled! They look great and the colors are super. Great job.

  2. Beautiful! Aine (no doubt pronounced Mary) and Damien will love them!

  3. Hi Fi, Can I order these coin purses for my daughters? The would make great stocking stuffers! Email me at Thanks!


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