Sunday, 23 October 2011

Round up for the last week

Hi Guys

Sorry I have been out of circulation a tinsy bit.

I have been busy with deadlines and still am so I will post when I can.

What news, well my cafetiere cosies are now appearing in a local coffee shop in the town that I live in.  I am so happy about this and fingers crossed they take off locally!

Mandi from Designbirdie designed my packaging and I am so happy with the end result.  The tan colour is for the medium sized cosy and the purple topped packet is for the small cosy.  Thank you Mandi!

You might see one of the mini cosies (the black chicken on red) in the left han side of the photo?  See the ribbon hanging down?  Well that was a suggestion that my hubby made which was to show the customer what is inside the cosy i.e. the insulated wadding.  Great idea D, thanks!!

So what else, well I finished two cot bed quilts for two little Caoimhe's!

The photos might be a bit fuzzy but it hasn't stopped raining here today so apologies for the quality.

I used KONA white (as usual) and "Children at Play" by Sarah Jane Studios for Michael Miller.

I love this fabric, it really reminds you of what childhood should be, you know, carefree, fun, playing and pink!

Then the other quilt was made using K white and Alexander Henry Starling in Pink and Alexander Henry Willow Wren in green.

That's it for the moment, at least that I am blogging about!

Hope you have a good week and look forward to catching up on your blogs!



  1. Congratulations! That's so exciting! I'm sure they're flyin' off the shelf :)

  2. Wow! You have been busy! Great idea on showing the wadding/layers of the category's cozy's too :)

  3. Busy but the end result is very satisfying!

  4. Those quilts are so nice. I love them. I hope the cozies take off for you!

  5. Beautiful quilts! Good luck with the cozies xxx

  6. ooh love your packaging, good luck with them :-) The quilts are fab too! love that Sarah Jane fabric.

  7. Lovely quilts. Congratulations on having your cosies in the local coffee shop.

  8. Gratz on having your cozies sold at the coffee shop! :)

    Your two kiddie quilts are so cute. I really like the way you put their names on them!


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