Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I'm back

Hi Guys

Finally I am back in blogland, I have been off sick with a chest infection, finished off my antibiotics yesterday, but still have a mad cough, but thankfully feel sooooooo much better.

I am busy trying to get some stock together for a craft fair taking place at my office next week.  I put together some bookmarks, haven't done them in yonks

I want to finish off two quilts in time for the market as display models so that potential customers know what I make.

I also made some coin purses but I just wanted to show you this one, I love it!

It's cloud9 fabric, organic cotton, love the delicateness of it.  I lightly quilted the outside (both sides). 

Oh and I am making some of these for next week.

So fingers crossed I get all of it done!

Oh for those of you interested in my threads, I listed some new threads during the week.

Have a good week everyone!



  1. Ooooh Fi...more thread...I will have to go and have a peek. I did promise I would not buy anything else before Christmas but I may be tempted... Love the bookmark too.

  2. So glad you're feeling better, I only saw last night on your FB that you hadn't been well. Your stuff for the craft fair looks FAB Fi! Love that cafetiere and the little coin purse is gorgeous :-) Must pop over and look at your threads too...

  3. Get prepared for all the 'you shouldn't be working here' comments!! Hope you feel 100% soon x

  4. Feel better soon, Fi! Take good care of yourself first. Looks like you're totally in the groove for your fair. Hope you rock it!

  5. Welcome back - hope you are feeling completely better soon.

  6. So glad that you are back and feeling much better. Good luck with all your goodies, you should also take that hexie pillow that you made recently, it is very pretty ;)


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