Wednesday, 16 November 2011

One Cushion finished!!!

I did it finally did it!!!

Thank you all of you who encouraged me and motivated me to conclude this project.

I know (now) how easy the envelope back is but in my mind it was monumental!  I shall also make an admission, it was hubby who actually talked me through it, I did the cutting he did the talking!

So this pillow/cushion was made sewing loads of hexies together, then I added a piece of cottong wadding and then I quilted 1/4" inside each hexie with grey embroidery thread.  Once done I had a panic attack and kept blogging about it when hubby stepped in and guided me through it!

Size: approx 20" x 20"

I am in love with this cushion, I don't know if the photo does it justice it is just so colourful but once again the weather is dull. 

Have a good Wednesday everyone!



  1. Yay for finishing! Yay for hubby!

  2. love the bright colours in your cushion. You can be very proud of your achievement

  3. Oh well done! It looks beautiful. I STILL haven't finished my hexie cushion...shame on me, haven't even touched it for months!

  4. It's lovely and what a great Hubby, mine would have told me to leave it if I was getting worked up.

  5. Oh Fi this is really beautiful! I love hexies and your colours are so fresh and vibrant, with a vintagey nod thrown in too! Gorgeous! (Sounds like your hubby is for keeps!) Jxo

  6. Beautiful! I love how it came out.

  7. It's a fabulous cushion- the colours are lovely together! Congratulations!!

  8. Well done you - it looks absolutely beautiful - and who cares what the back looks like!

  9. Love it!! I have a few hexies because one day I was going to make a whole quilt with them... but maybe I should back off a bit and make a cushion like yours. It is very very pretty and yes very colourful xx


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