Sunday, 13 November 2011

Catch Up

Thank you guys for your comments re: the hoop embroidery.

I ended up going the simple route.

On Friday I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show.  It was pouring rain no in fact it was torrential rain, I planned on taking loads of piccies to do a blog piece but feeling wet, cold and miserable I just couldn't make the effort, sorry!  It didn't help that a car went zooming through a puddle and drenched me! I suppose I can thank him, before that I was wet all down the front thanks to him (or her) I was wet at the back too!

Anyhow, I met the lovely Eva and Ger the ladies from Pippa Blue .  They have a gorgeous range of my favourite fabrics (the Japanese fabrics).  They are based in Galway but also have an online shop, I bought four FQs. 

I also met up with the lovely Cindy from Fluffysheepquilting who was also up from Galway.  We had a break, coffee and muffin, and then hit the show again!  We came across another stall, cannot recall their name and hidden below a table were loads of basket of fabrics, including some Michael Miller fabrics.

Black, greys and elephants are not usually in my colour palette but I loved these fabrics! Had to have them!

I also bought a book!

Oh and I finally purchased a new cutting mat, my old one was scared it wasn't healing any more so finally I took the plunge!

While I am still feeling sorry for myself with my head cold, it's a bad cough really, I took out some hand work.  I haven't felt up to going and doing machine sewing in my sewing room to be honest.

I know you guys have seen my baby balls umpteen times but look at what my customer asked for...

She wanted the word "Baby" on the ball, cute very cute! Someone else wants it now on their Ball - Baby Erin!

I also want to finish the longest ever cushion cover.  I am nearly finished with quilting each hexie.

It's quite a big size this and certainly a full vibrant dash of colour in our sitting room! Nearly there, I know what's putting me off, it's making the cushion cover! I have to conquer my fear!

Cough cough, ok guys, have a good Sunday!


  1. Fi! What a great post! The rain was absolutely our third "friend" running around the show on Fri. It was so lovely to see you! You made out so much better than I did with the good buys! We'll have to shop together again soon! xx

  2. So wish I had been able to stay on and meet you but looks like you had fun. I *think* the stand with the Michael Miller in baskets down under the tables was actually The Crafty Fox, that new shop in Drogheda - or should I not have told you that, lol!

  3. I was there on thursday and had a brilliant time. I think it was the best so far. Bought far too much from pippablue ( i got that purple mushroom fabric too) i love echino fabric. And i am so happy that i know where to get it again!
    Yes the michael miller fabric is from the crafty fox. But the fabric galore stand had some too!

  4. Love your baby ball - gorgeous!

    Try making the cushion cover with an envelope back instead of a zipper - easy as pie!

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Thanks for sharing about the K & S show-- it's been fun to read about it from each of the bloggers that I follow, and that some of you met each other. Your fabric purchases and the book look wonderful!-- as does yur baby ball, hoop embroidery and hexie pillowtop. This post is just filled with wonderful things :0)

  6. Get well soon honey xxx
    Love that hexie cushion in the making x

  7. Sorry you're feeling poorly! Hot lemon & honey & a snuggle under the duvet with a good book! LOVE those cute elephants. Jxo

  8. Hi, just came across your blog and love your creations. Very inventive and just the bright, cheerful, fun sort of crafting we love to see at The Crafty Fox...and yes, you did get the Michael Miller from us at the K&S show. If you're ever in Drogheda, do drop in and see us.


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