Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Week round up

Hi Guys

Well the ongoing saga with my chest infection is that I gave myself a "cough injury" so on strong antibiotics, steroids and an inhaler!!  At least I am at the end of this now!

So while tea is burning cooking I will show you a couple of pieces that I have finished. Oh but first things firsts, thanks girls for the heads up I cannot get this mag near me, but I am converted.  I have made the soups a few times out of this mag! My baby ball is featured in the Irish Quilting and Craft Magazine! I am chuffed to bits!

I have a craft fair at work this week so just keeping my head down and trying to get some stock ready.

Here is my entry for the Modern Christmas Table Runner that took place on flickr.

Then I started experimenting with some hair clips.  Some plain and some beaded.  These are the beaded ones.

And I will be bringing a couple of cosies, might get some more done but hmm don't know if I have time.

Don't forget to check out Sarah's giveaway over on FairyfaceDesigns sponsored by River Fabrics, closing date Friday 9 December.


  1. Oh my I've done that before and then had to splint my side and abdomen with a pillow so I could cough. I hope you feel better very soon. I love all of your goodies, especially the cosie.

  2. Oooh that's great getting featured in a mag!

    Your table runner is beauooooootiful :)

  3. Oh well done on being published! Hope you are feeling better and back to normal soon.

  4. Ohh congratulations on the featurette!
    I ended up with an inhaler for my cough the other week - must be an EU mountain they are trying to reduce!

  5. So glad you are on the mend Fi! Your makes are gorgeous and you lucked out with that table runner! Take care of yourself! Jxo

  6. Glad you are feeling better and hopefully all the sales at the craft fair will make you forget that nasty cold/chest infection/chest ingury, etc.
    The runner look great btw!


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