Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Cleaning up over Xmas

Ah the hols are over, first day back at work today, kids back in creche.  We had a good break though and I think everyone was happy to go back to the old routine.

Did any one make any New Year's Resolutions?  I know one of mine is to stop stressing about quilting.  You know what I stress about, that I don't have enough time to try new quilt blocks.  I just did a tumblr quilt which I was really pleased to do, I did the wonky log cabin, also a change from the squares.  So without stressing this year I want to try some new blocks but without stressing about it!

I noticed a lot of blogs are doing roundups of the last year, so I thought I would practice the mosaic thing and came up with a few highlights of the last year.

When I wondered into the sitting room over the weekend, I saw son #2 talking to the Christmas Tree.  Not sure what they were discussing but whatever it was it was interesting to him!

Private conversation
Oh man when I see my garden in these photos I see how much work I have still to do!!!

Anyhow I also came round to tidying/sorting out my patchwork room (aka spare room). 

I also went through the fabric from my early days discarded bits and pieces and held on to some decent pieces.

Don't know what to do with it yet...

I don't think it would garner much interest for a giveaway as it isn't the current line of anything but might cut it into acceptable bundles and resell, not sure really.

Off tomorrow, yippee, need to get the car sorted with bits and pieces.  Couldn't understand why I kept banging my head off the boot (door) thought I was just clumsy until I realised that it was slowly closing each time I opened it b/c the oil somewhere in the boot door is kaput and therefore the door was just falling as soon as I opened it, so that'll be sorted tomorrow!!!

Oh also guys check out Sarah's Sew Get Started Series, I know I'll be following this for sure.  I really want to broaden my sewing skills. 

X Fi

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  1. It looks like you're off to a great start, Fi! I hope you find your happiness in quilting again. Please remember this isn't a second job, but supposed to be fun. We'll try our best to remind you :)

  2. You 'discarded' fabric?? That is fabric murder! how could you Fiona?!

  3. Oh I suspect there would be people keen enough to practise on those fabrics!
    Good luck with the car!

  4. Oh Fiona Let me know if you want to sell that fabric with the ladies. That's a job that I have to do also, a cleanout.

  5. If you ever want rid of any fabric, our charity bee, Bee Blessed will happily receive any unwanted or ugly fabrics! Jxo


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