Wednesday, 4 January 2012

On a roll

Look at this no posts since 6 December now I almost have blogging diarrhoea!

Well we drove the car down to the garage, and walked back in the wind and rain.  The mechanic kindly offered to drive the car back to our house this afternoon.  Phew, cause just as we got home at 1 o'clock, the rain came down, the wind has gone nuts and it's just horrible out.  Also lucky I had son #1 with me because he reminded me to take the house key off the car keys!  Another big big phew!

While there was still some light I took photos of some of the material I came across in my clean up.

The last photo is reserved for someone but the rest are available on my Threads2000 shop, if you are interested.

Also I just want to share something.  By the way experimenting with photo effects so bear with me!

I read in a headline that it is vital to up your fish intake, so with this in mind I went to the shops on the way home and picked up some rainbow trout fillets.  I wasn't sure how to cook them and got a Rachel Allen recipe.

Because I didn't have the whole trout (next time!) I simply followed her recipe this way:

1. Wash the fish.

2. Place on some silver foil, salt and pepper your fish, add nobs of butter and parsley and marjoram.

3. Make your foil in to a fish parcel.

4. Place in oven 180 deg, for 20 - 25 mins - now that timing is for a trout and I only had two fillets but I kept it in for that time and oh man was it good, the kids woofed it down!

I also made a little cucumber relish from my Good Housekeeping book.

Cucumber Relish
a. 1/2 cucumber diced/cubed
b. Place in bowl and add 1tbl white wine vinegar, 1 tbsp golden sugar, 2 tbsps olive oil.
c. Leave in fridge (covered) until needed.

Again that was delicious!

X Fi

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  1. Fish is not at all my type of good-eating, so having any at all would increase my intake. I will say, though, that relish looks really tasty!


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