Sunday, 26 February 2012

Chillin' out and seeing stars

I'm sitting here listening to JazzFM totally enjoying it, hubby is putting the kids through their bedtime routine after having been visiting family in Greece for the week.  Lights are low, no tv, love it!

Had a lovely day today.  BTW a big THANK YOU to all of you for your advices re: the pouch thank you and I have taken them on board, I will attempt another covered zip ends pouch soon.

Today apart from cutting fabric for a customised baby quilt I was sneaking peaks at my stargazing block from my Modern Blocks book (check name sorry!)

As you know I LOVE wonky stars so I was itching to get and try one these.

So this

and this
love this teensy wonky star
were like this at one stage

and turned into this

Now is Little Apples for girls or boys?  Would love to make this for my 4 and one day old son but is it girly?

Also for my thread buyers look what I got from hubby, yep new threads and he is a clever fellar he choose new colours for me!!

Yippee new threads! Coming soon to Threads2000
Have a good evening all ;)



  1. Little Apples and wonky stars would make a great boy quilt! Maybe add a little black here and there and you'll be onto a winner!

  2. oh I think the Little Apples are perfect for your little one (Happy belated birthday xx).

    Enjoy your evening x

  3. Ditto the above - add in some more boyish colours and you're on to a winner. Jxo

  4. I think Little Apples can be very gender neutral. I love your wonky stars and your finished block. You could add some more of that sage-y green in a solid and maybe some more gray.

    I have this bundle and I find that it makes for a great gender neutral addition to the Little Apples collection. Minus the pink....

  5. It is for both boys and girls... I guess you can make it more boyish/girlish depending what you choose for your binding... why don't you ask your boy? He might be able to help you!

    New threads??? Drop me an email once they are in the shop ;0

  6. I LOVE these stargazing blocks. They give you such room to be creative.

  7. Definitely for boys and girls. What a lovely way of using this pattern. Great job.


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