Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A finished purse or two!

Do you remember I said I was participating in the Mouthy Stitches swap?

Well you know I am not the most creative person in the world, my scribbbles  sketches are pretty basic.

But needless to say I rose to the challenge.

First I tried this pouch using this tutorial from A Spoonful of Sugar.  I love this shape of pencil case and it was deceptively easy, so I made this one, I know identical but how else are you to learn?

Then I thought I would try and found out exactly what my partner liked, apart from her mosaic which was very useful and I pinned it on my noticeboard for inspiration.  I sketched this.

So my partner very kindly pointed me in the right direction.  Thank you!

And I made these two purses.  Like I said nothing too dramatic.  I would like to add nice zipper pulls but I don't know yet how to make them, some of the girls in the swap have made beautiful zipper pulls from fabric but I don't know how to do this!

Some full frontal Pouch No. 1 made using Kona Grey and 1" coloured squares of fabric.

Pouch No. 2 made using 100% linen fabric and again scraps for the wonky star.  I then quilted around the star using perle cotton which I purchased in Greece.

The second pouch is has a pocket in it, which I made using Ayumills tutorial.

So I hope she likes her pouch whichever one I send her... nail bitting...



  1. I'm in love with both and hope I am the lucky one.

    I have been using your threads a lot lately...they are really heaven to use!

  2. Both pouches are lovely. I really like your hand quilting. The recipient will be thrilled.
    Di xo

  3. I really like these small patchwork strips cropping up on these pouches.
    Zipper pulls aren't too difficult. You can always cut a ribbon(grosgrain) to 4 inches long, fold it in half, push the loop end thru the zipper pull tiny hole and feed the ends of the ribbon thru the loop. Pull tight. Tada!

    Send them over please :)

  5. I love your zipper pouches too! I just added a little bow of ribbon to my zip! Your partner will love which ever one you send!

  6. who cares how your sketches look like if the finished thing looks this good! Well done :D

    1. Both pouches are gorgeous But the star has really taken my fancy - the inside is as scrummy as the outside!


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