Monday, 20 February 2012

A finished quilt top

Wiping sweat of my brow I can say finally yipppeee a finished quilt top!

Can you believe it (although this is me you are talking about so yes you can!) but this quilt is from a QAL hosted by Fat Quarterly I think about a year ago!!!

I bought the fabric specifically for that QAL and only now have managed to finish it.  I want to thank Gwen from Celtic Fusion Fabrics  for sourcing more fabric for me, I was a bit short on a couple of colours and she had some left thankfully.  I also wanted to add a bit more variety. She kindly sourced some lovely new fabric, namely the hedgehogs.  I love them!

I had used some of the original FQs that I had purchased for this quilt on other projects, but I managed to keep aside most of it, and I have to say I am so glad I finished this quilt.  There were a couple of "groan" and "unpick unpick" moments but whenever I got to that point I would walk away from it and come back to tackle it the next day with a fresh mind.  It is not a difficult quilt but if my mind was distracted and I forgot to trim the finished block then of course my measurements were out slightly and therefore I had to "groan" and "unpick it".

What I found useful and I had read about this in books and blogs was taking a photo of the quilt to see the placement of colour.  It really works, I could see too much imbalance of one colour so I just rejigged it and took another photo (with my phone).  So I will definately use this method with other colourful quilts.

The size of this quilt is approx 46" x 53".

The question now is do I add a border or keep it nice and modern and go without?

Any opinions welcome!

Have a good Monday, oh yep have taken a holiday day to do some patchwork!!!


  1. Beautiful quilt. Definitely no border in my humble opinion. Di xo

  2. Looks lovely as is Fi! V.well done! Jxo

  3. Well done you on a great finish! One year isn't bad in my book!

  4. Fi,

    Well done it looks lovely. Clare x


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