Wednesday, 22 February 2012

It all takes time

It's Wednesday today.  I have son#2 with me, and while he is colouring at my feet I am at my sewing machine.

Actually I lie slightly he spent about 15 mins looking at Gotye videos on You Tube.  We are all big fans!  But anyhow he joined me then colouring etc.

So with pieces of string and fabric flying up in the air, one would swear a cyclone hit my desk

See the cups of tea and herb tea?  By the time I got to them they were freezing cold yuk!

I love that from the mess on my desk I finished another mug rug.  But 2 hours?!!! What am I doing wrong?

Having said that choosing the colours for the HST (Half Square Triangles - took me ages to learn what these were) this took time and then cutting and sewing accurately.  The pale grey in the photo below is 100% linen.  Lovely quality.

I made this one on (below) on Monday.

So now I have to get moving on a customised quilt but really when I look at the time wow, now I am not complaining I could spend 4 hrs on it but wow 2 hrs!!!

Oh and if any one has a border opinion on this let me know i.e to add a border or not to add a border?

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Have a good Wednesday everyone.



  1. I have a saying ..'it's not a race!" it takes the time it takes! You got there in the end and the mug rug is really cute! IMHO I would put a border on your quilt. I think it will anchor the variety of colours.

  2. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun? Whereas doing the ironing (groan).... Jxo

  3. Gotye has entered my world this week too!
    I'd say yes boarder. Yes.
    Your HST rug looks fantastic!

  4. Mug rug looks great! I say no border. I love the look as is :)

  5. Hello, I just wanted to say I love your mug rugs! Gorgeous!

  6. It is awful when your tea gets cold... worst even cold coffee!!! :P
    btw the HST rug is lovely... I want it!


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