Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hi Guys I know it's been a little while since I posted but I have been busy with my garden, planting up the beds.  Touching up the shed and fences, planting climbers and so on.  I have a shady side of the garden and I am on a mission to plant it up before the weeds get a grip!

Anyhow! I made a quilt in that time and am starting a string block quilt from the Modern Block book (sorry staggering name, book upstairs, PC downstairs).

So my patchwork room is a mess b/c the floor is covered with scraps.

As I am progressing with these I realise that the white strips aren't all lining up.  Does that matter because as you can see from the photo above the visual result is good.  The block in the book which I am copying I must be doing something wrong when i am following the lady's instructions b/c when I tried this block a while back the white strip in my block wasn't as wide as hers so I did my own measurements but not all my white points meet up exactly right, being a bit of a perfectionist this annoys me.  I guess as I work further along the penny will drop and I will figure it out.

Anyhow I originally started making these coloured blocks, photo not superb but it's pale duck egg blue almost and different shades of pink.

This does not in my opinion gel with the blocks that I subsequently started making so this will become a cushion.

I finished off a boy's quilt last week it has no home to go to but fingers crossed it will sell at some point this year.

Do you see my garden??? In love with my garden!!!



  1. ...The result is definitely good!

    PS. Lovely garden :D

  2. Love your stringy blocks Fi, I didn't think they were meant to all match up exactly, adding to the effect of the scrappiness, but I agree if you have a colour like white that is standing out more than the others then it looks better if it matches up. I admire your green fingers! Jxo

  3. Love your blocks. The white matching up wouldn't bother me a whole pile but I know what you mean. I suppose see how you go with the rest of the blocks? They are so bright and cheery! Your garden looks great, come and help with mine now :-)

  4. Love the blocks, bugger matching up the white I say!
    Can you come and sort out our garden now! I'll make you a cup of tea, maybe even a pot, and may even stretch to a biscuit!

  5. I wouldn't worry about the white matching. It's generally a scrappy theme (so therefore imperfect and free) and the lattice is still totally clear.

    I've had issues with patterns in that book too - I love the ideas, but might have to start doing my own math to ensure I get the block I want in the end :(

  6. Do the white pieces line up after sewing the seam?
    I know nothing about it, although I can commiserate with the type A needing them to line up.

    I usually have my sweet peas planted last month but it continues extra cold here in Oregon. And soggy. I have mucked out the beds I could and pretend the others don't exist until the ground dries out a bit more.
    Happy garden dreams. It will be worth it later to put all the effort in now.

  7. I love the way it is looking! Keep posting more photos as you go along xx

  8. Lovely quilt and blocks.


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