Saturday, 3 March 2012

Stripy Modern Mini Quilt aka mug rug

Modern Mini Challenge

I have been pondering about entering the Modern Mini Quilt competition since I came across it on Lee's blog.  I just couldn't think what to do and I am entering as a novice here because wait till you see some of the entries, oh man the standards!

But one of my goals this year was to participate in more swaps or QALs to broaden my patchwork experience.

So it was mum's birthday yesterday and she had said she wanted one of my mug rugs.  She hasn't seen this one yet but it's nearly a copy of one I sold last week and she had been admiring it so I made her one, using MM fabric and 100% linen.

So as I photographed it I thought but it's a mini quilt no?

So here is my entry...

My mini mini quilt entry!

I also quilted the linen strips in a pale delicate pink so most of all I hope my mum likes it, and secondly hey at least I entered an activity!

Size 8" x 9" so it really is a mini mini.

Close up 
Good luck to everyone who entered you all have done wonderful works of art and looking forward to seeing the winner!

Happy Birthday mum!


  1. V.cute Fi. I'm sure your mum will love it. Jxo

  2. so cute! I love the hand quilting :-D

  3. Oh, some more pink and yellow! (it seems to be everywhere as the moment) The hand stitching is a lovely touch! Happy birthday indeed!!

  4. It is lovely. I am sure that your Mum will like it. Di xo

  5. Lovely! Happy Birthday Fi's Mum!

    I'll be posting about my entry later, if I am brave enough!

  6. Ooh, its just so pretty! Love the colours and the quilting against the linen.

  7. So cute and your mum will love it!

  8. Such a sweet mini quilt perfect as a gift too ;)


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