Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunny Sunday

I reckon if you looked at most of the Irish bloggers today we will all comment on the beautiful sunny weather we had today, we got up to 19 degrees.  Really a super day today.

I didn't feel one bit guilty staying away from my sewing machine today!  Ok I will admit that at 9 o'clock this morning I was at my m/c finishing off my little tumblr quilt for a little girl called Lyra.  But then I didn't touch it again all day, we had friends over for a delicious bbq then followed the sun around the garden front and back till we were in shadow after 5. 

I am working on a little tutorial for this tumblr quilt.  It is nearly identical to one I did at Christmas it is the same range i.e. Sarah Jane's Girls at Play for Michael Miller. 

While the food was sizzling (hubby's department) and after I photographed my quilt I took a couple of shots of some of my plants!

Spirea - comes in white or pink
This one below is one of my favs, look closely it's called a bleeding heart (dicentra), you may have seen them in pink but I love the white one.  It's a heart shaped flower with a little droplet coming out of it, they like the shade so I will move this as it's not yet planted.

dicentra - bleeding heart
And finally my pride and joy my tree!!!

my tree!
This tree will have little white flowers next month/ May and apparently is the best tree for a small garden. 

Ok so hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I will post up that tutorial in the next couple of days!



  1. Sounds like you had an idyllic day - I think we could all get very used to all this sunshine!
    Pretty quilt, lovely flowers and can't wait to see your tree in full bloom x

  2. Looks as if you had a nice day and the sun shone. I like your tumblr quilt. I just love that pattern. Di xo

  3. What a super day! Just wish we had a bbq to bbq on! Let's hope we're not getting our summer early! Jxo

  4. We enjoyed the sun as well, it was a wonderful day! I really like the pink quilt :D

  5. Glad you had a sunny day and had a chance to enjoy it :) I am looking forward to see the tutorial, the pink quilt is very sweet xx

  6. It will be fun to watch your garden grow and fill in with you... I do hope you plan to share more of it from time to time! Such a lovely beginning! ~ Lynda


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