Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Where to start

Had a quiet day at work today so I surfed researched some stuff on the web and am now totally confussed!

All these wonderful blocks and QALs.

I wanted to participate in I'm a ginger monkey's SWOON block.  I even bought the pattern, but like all the others it's sitting there waiting and waiting and er waiting.

I am definately (where I have I heard that before) definately am doing this from Don't Call me Betsy.

Then talking about paper piecing there's all the tutes from The Littlest Thistle.

Do I need to continue???

And on top of that I need to finish my own WIPs.

By the way did you check out Cindy's Member Profile post it's about her this week, interesting read.

Oh well I suppose I'd better pull myself away from the PC and get on and start with all of the above!


  1. Oh come and join me in the belated swoon...it's quite addictive

  2. So much to do so little time - I am with you on that!

  3. Decisions, decisions..... What a dilemma! Di xo

  4. Did you start sewing last night? It's hard - so hard to focus on a list with so many great opportunities out there. Good luck finding your path - no matter which one your choose it will be fantastic!
    Thanks for the little happy shout out Re my MQG Ireland post :)

  5. I (surfed) researched ...the story of my evenings! :D

  6. Totally with you there! I wanted to make the Swoon quilt to and as you probably can guessed I haven't even started it... and the scary thing is that they are working on the 2nd and 3rd quilt! Are you still planning to make the quilt?? Maybe we can motivate each other to get it done ;)


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