Monday, 9 April 2012

FinALy (do you see it FAL!!)

Ok so english is not my strong point, who cares, I am finally participating in Rhonda's FAL Q2 (or Finish A Long).  A great motivational idea to get you moving to finish those UFOs or WIPs. 

If you want to join in here is the link...

Well I want to finish my pillow which started out as part of a strip quilt but it didn't tone in with the subsequent blocks. 
I would like to make more strip quilt blocks so that I can make a decent sized quilt out of it.
Make more swoon blocks, just waiting for my KONA grey to arrive.  I know some of my Irish bloggy friends are pushing along with this block too.

Another pillow, from my hexies using scraps of Girls at Play fabric.  I have enough fabric left to squeeze out one more (small) tumblr and then boohoo I won't have any left.  I really loved that fabric!
I would say that rounds up my list of UFOs that have been on the long finger a bit too long!
Have a great day!


  1. I can see great projects coming out of this list!. Go for it!.

  2. Good luck - some lovely finishes due from these x

  3. These projects look lovely and deserve to be finished! You can do it!!
    Di xo

  4. Oh do join it's a great way of getting projects finished.
    Another block finished but won't be able to touch it again until next weekend.

  5. All these lovely projects will be even lovelier when finished! Good for you for putting them out there!


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