Monday, 2 April 2012

March finishes

I noticed that a lot of my bloggy mates do this monthly round up so I thought I would try it.

Let me be honest, (it's easy to be on blogs), but I started out with a mosaic template based on a table of 3 x 3 but I am embarrassed to say I had to tweak it to 3 x 2 but hey this doesn't include all my WIPS which is massive(!),  I will be signing up to the Finish A Long in a couple of days over at Quilter in the Gap.

So here we go (cringing now) you guys have achieved so much in one month!! Don't laugh!

Please don't laugh hysterically at my little mosaic...:)

May be a bit less of PC work and more of this

Hard at work (No PC in sight!)



  1. No-one is laughing - they all look lovely - especially the scrappy swoon!

  2. Oh your mosaic is lovely....I haven't got around to making one for even Feb yet...LOL but you have a lot more to finished than me and I don't even have one of those extra hard work.
    Well done!

  3. Hey, it's not a race! we do what we can! And hopefully enjoy the process too! I love the variety in your mosaic!

  4. There's 2 quilts there for a start and a Swoon block so you get bonus points! You'll be converting those WiPs in no time!

  5. Nothing to laugh at there, plenty to admire though! You've some big items in there which are hugely time consuming! well done on your lovely finishes. Jxo

  6. I love the mosaic! And those balls too, how lovely are they?! :D

  7. Hi Fi, Lovely Mosaic. You have completed loads. Lovely fabric choices as usual. Much love Clare x


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