Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Mini Quilt Swap and some other bits and pieces

Well after all the (welcome for my garden) rain this week, I am happy to say the sun is shining beautifully this morning.  The boys are playing upstairs (bribed with apple), don't know if any one else has probs getting their kids to play up in their rooms??? Advise welcome!

Anyhow, ok so some housekeeping just quickly for the Irish readers, don't forget the Mini Quilt Swap with the Atlanta Modern Quilting Guild - to register pop over to the blog and while we are talking about the Irish Guild they are running a contest to name the upcoming quilting bee so here is the link for that (some yum prizes to be won!)

Ok one more thing, PICNIK is gone - what's everyone using?

 On the picnik page they suggest some photo editing alternatives, I have to be honest I am not that techy so I went to one of the suggestions which was PicMonkey, works fine for my needs.  Any one else using it?

I finally managed to make some bunting using Sarah's tutorial, I love bunting, I mean who doesn't?  I started cutting fabric for this about six months ago and only this month finished it, jeez!  Story of my life, er the swoon QAL, long finished, I am still on block 1, waiting for my Kona Grey so I can get to block 2!

I love my penguin fabric (oh and the frogs!).  I have used different colours on the reverse of this bunting.

If you haven't made bunting yet, go for it, you don't need much, scraps are enough and the bias tape is easy to find.  Go on you know you can do it!!!



  1. I love your bunting flags! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  2. Psyching myself for a jubilee bunting spectacular at school!
    We still have rain, so I am not happy, although I have been cleaning all morning, so I suppose it doesn't matter!

  3. A little bunting gladdens the heart! Di xo


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