Saturday, 28 April 2012

My fav person in the whole world...the postie!!

Oh my goodness, what's with the new layout, I think I like it but there's a lot going on, another thing to get used to now.

By the way, anyone else finding FB really dead at the moment?  Think I'm going to spend more time on Twitter.  Here's my twitter info if you want to meet up over there.

Got some lovely post this week.  I have been keeping a low profile as I need to get several baby balls done for Monday therefore have been making my way through them.

But look what I got in the post.

21 FQs of Flea Market by Denise Schmidt and I have to say I love it!  I think I am just going to collect bundles of fabric and not use any of them!

I got one of two books I ordered. 

I have always liked Crazymomquilts, and she has collaborated with another quilter to produce this lovely book with I think 16 projects.  The piccies look great and I cannot wait to spend some time using this book.

I got a couple of other bundles of fabric, but they are already upstairs in my spare room and I am down here at the pc and well I guess I am being lazy about running upstairs, and I have a beef casserole to start off in the slow cooker so best get on!

Have a great Saturday everyone!



  1. We love our posties don't we! I think quilters the world over keep the postal service viable! Enjoy your Flea Market Fancy!

  2. ...Adorable FQ! Have a nice week end!

  3. Ha ha, I'm like that too with the bundles upstairs and me downstairs. I got a bundle of FMF too. I must be the only onen out there that is not really crazy about it. Looney I know..I have enough books to last me three years. Saying that I did see this one around...let us know is it a good buy. Swooning. Block six now done and getting psyched to start the next two.

  4. Your postie must be related to mine!
    That Erin is asking for trouble!!!

  5. oooooh! I have some FMF on it's way from USA too :) Looking forward to getting my mits on it!

    I HATE the new facebook and I'm really put off using it now, definitely prefer Twitter. Think FB has had it's day?

  6. I can not wait to see what you create with that gorgeous stack. Will you use them all together in one project?????


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