Friday, 6 April 2012

Not much of this today

Nope no sun today, it's gone, it looked promising at 8 am this morning but now it's all gone.  This was taken last week, what a difference, snow fell in parts of Dublin (and the UK)!

Got cutting today on the scrap swap that the Modern Quilt Guild are running.  Hoping they are modern enough!

Right my new resolution, off to get on with some work!


  1. Your scraps look like a cute little baby quilt! They look plenty modern to me. :)

  2. Your quilt looks lovely. The weather is always pulling a fast one on us! Di xo

  3. Nice scraps, shame about the sun!

  4. Oh it's freezing. I got quite a shock to see the snow on my car this week. Lucky you to have the day off.....I was stuck in work.

  5. They're fab! Anyone would be happy to have that pile of happiness. Loving the cars especially :)


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