Sunday, 22 April 2012

Winter Stitching Wrap Up

Hailstones are you kidding me, I know this is Sarah's Winter Stitching Wrap Up but hailstones today pelting down??

I might not be able to show loads of photos because hubby changed something with the PC and my lovely photos are goodness knows where on it the bloomin' machine, I cannot find them!

So let's see what has been done...

1.  Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap - made using my fav the wonky star block

2.  Completed and hand quilted a hexie pillow.

3. Made my first tumbler quilt (tutorial here) - fmq - love this block

4. Tried my hand at mini hoop art - beaded (of course!)

5.  Made several coin purses

6.  Managed to assemle a quilt top for a QAL hosted by Fat Quaterly a year or so ago, getting nearer to quilting this quilt, looking forward to it being finished. 

7.  Participated in the Mouthy Stitches Swap, made two pouches for my secret partner to choose from.

8.  Made a few linen mug rugs

9.  Made a Stargazer block, was going to make this for son #2 but he isn't that enamoured by it, fair nuff, I love it myself so I will make this into a boyish quilt for s/o!

10.  Made several drawstring bags for a mum emigrating to OZ for the year and to hold everyone's nick nacks

11.  Finished a cot bed quilt

12.  Started a strip pieced quilt - want to make more progress on this, but other things in the way.

13.  Started the Swoon block QAL - 8 more to go!

That's about it, hopefully be the end of the summer I will have some actual quilts to show you and not just beginngs of quilts but I will get there eventually!

Thanks for reading and I am going to link up with Sarah's linky party where you can read everyone else's achievements so far!



  1. Wow, you have been a busy bee!.
    We are having some thunders around Kildare!, this might be a joke!.

  2. Ah, I feel privileged to have seen a lot of these in person yesterday, they are gorgeous Fi! Thanks for linking up xx (I ordered that book last night too!)

  3. You've done an amazing job! And there's picture evidence to prove it!

  4. That is an impressive list you have got through. You have produced some lovely makes. Congrats. Di xo

  5. Such wonderful and varied projects - they are all lovely!

  6. Everything looks fabulous!

  7. Busy bee working on lots of gorgeous things! I couldn't believe the hailstones either!


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