Monday, 21 May 2012

Another swoon block and a bit more

What the last time I posted was on the 6th????

Well I promise I have been buys. I managed to make another swoon block - this time with gorgeous lime green as the centre piece.

So that makes 2 down, 7 to go!

I also bought the pattern to make this gorgeous lined drawstring bag designed by Jeni Baker (check out her lovely blog!)
Lined Drawstring Bag - pattern by Jeni Baker
Just messing with picmonkey's features! 

What's so nice about this bag is that it has a boxed bottom, therefore making it more spacious.  The pattern is well laid out, very well explained and super easy to follow.

That's it folks.  Just going to start playing catch up on orders but also the Zakka sewing QAL that's out on bloggyland at the moment.  I bought the book and it's gorgeous, I love looking at the piccies and dreaming about making some of the projects!


  1. Love the lime green swoon block! The drawstring bags are a great pattern and I have used it too! Di x

  2. beautiful block!!!!
    and love the drawstring bag, it's so cute and they are so useful!!!

  3. The blocks look amazing. Did you also fall in love with the metro collection? I have to get the turquoise again and some pink will be great :)

  4. I love the drawstring bag, and really appreciate the boxed bottom!

  5. cute bag! The boxed bottom is fab.


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