Sunday, 6 May 2012

A birthday and a quilt top

It's ma birthday, well it was on Thursday, 21 plus vat!  Not room on the cake for my real age!

I have made a quilt top for my 4 yr old.  Last month I saw this post by I'm a Ginger Monkey.  I immediately fell in love with 1) the fabric and 2) the pattern.  I love the simplicity of it, I started cutting on Friday (bear in mind I work out of the home so my time is limited), went out for my birthday lunch and  I still managed to get the top finished.

I didn't make it as large as the original tutorial because I cut my fabric with something else in mind and then decided to use this pattern.

It measures very roughly 37" x 45" but that's rough as I haven't taken a final measurement yet.  For the border I randomly cut up left over pieces of fabric.

Son #2 inspecting his quilt.

The fabric is the Woodland collection by Natalie Lymer for Lecien.

I also finished my cushion.  I wasn't happy with the backing so hubby helped and we redid it using Klona Grey.

I still had a tiny bit of "rucking" going on, which didn't happen on my first ever cushion last year,  any advise is welcome I don't understand why it's pulling slightly at the back unless the pillow filler is too large?  Having said that I am very happy with it!  This cover is quite heavy, It's padded with cotton wadding and some white cotton and quilted and backed with Klona grey.

I did a fussy cut border which comprises of about 1.5" strips cut from different scraps times 3.  Quilted in straight lines using white cotton thread (not invisible for a change!)

That's my weekend up round up girls, have a great Sunday, enjoy the sun if you have it!


  1. Happy birthday! I don't have advices about the cushion, I can say it looks great though :)

  2. Happy birthday, my dear! It looks like you had a fabulous one :) xx

  3. Happy Birthday! Mine was yesterday. An old boyfriend had his today. Hubby is tomorrow. Birthdays all around.

  4. Happy belated birthday!
    Love the quilt and the cushion; was kind of wondering why you were copying sushi off Katy!

  5. Fabulous makes Fi! And happy belated! Jxo

  6. Gorgeous quilt and cushion.

  7. love the cushion and a very happy birthday to you!

  8. I have been drooling over the woodland collection fabrics and you're not helping my self control! Your quilt top is perfect, well done.

  9. Happy Birthday to you, you young flower!
    Love the quilt; I'd seen it on Sewmamasew some time ago. But with the alteration at the post you've linked from I'm a ginger monkey - I like it even better.
    I have a layer cake and a charm pack lined up for this one!

  10. Happy Birthday! Your projects both look great.

  11. Happy Birthday to you.Love your projects, the quilt looks great and I love the pillow.


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