Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Snuggle into your pillow or cushion.. pillow...cushion

Hey everyone, yippee first day for ages without the rain, a beautiful sunny day today here in Dublin.

I had son #2 with me today so I didn't manage to get as much as I wanted to do but I did finish one of my FALs.

What started out like this and was on my list of FALs which is a great idea being run by Quilter in the Gap.

Has transformed into this. I promise I will take better close up photos on a morning as opposed to this rush job this evening.

A few poses of the pillow, cushion, pillow argghh

I am happy I finished this pillow, cushion, pillow, cushion.  It measures about 20" x 20". 

I have used an envelope closing at the back, but I am not happy with it (no photo sorry just cannot bear to look at the back it's annoying me) so I will unpick the back and redo it with my executive designer i.e. hubby.  But otherwise I am happy with the front.  I quilted the front using white thread in straight lines.  It is padded with some cotton wadding and finally a piece of white cotton so that it all looks nice and presentable on the inside.

By the way did I mention that I am in love with instagram, I just love it!!!

Have a great evening everyone!




  1. Great cushion! (we put pillow cases on pillows ;-)) enjoy the sunshine! Winter has arrived in the southern hemisphere!!

  2. I know what you mean about the weather! How unreal was it that there was no rain...not a drop of it!

    Looking great. I O.D. on the Picnick on some of my Swoon blocks but maybe i should try out instagram

  3. Love it, it looks just as gorgeous as I thought it would the day I was over :-) Lovely quilting, it finishes it perfectly!

  4. How pretty! Was this a block from the Modern Blocks book? These string blocks scare me a bit, but I love how they look.

  5. You're very good at this! I love your quilting :D


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