Thursday, 7 June 2012

Fabric gift tags

The idea for these gifts tags came up when I a couple of Irish customers asked for baby balls to be sent directly to the UK.  I realised that I was missing an intro, how do you explain a baby ball turning up in the post without any notice?  Well thank you is of course the first thing that hops to mind but you know what I mean.

So I have been making these.

I keep it very simple, just a few scraps of fabric, sewn onto card.  I got the blank cards for a great price in a supply shop in Dublin, ooh 1 cent each I think?  On the inside I simply write To and From (which if it's going overseas I will complete according to my customers wishes).  For quilts I slip in my "care instructions card - thank you Mandi) and of course plenty of business cards!

That's it for today from a wet and windy Ireland!!


  1. I should do this. Whatever - or maybe that is Whenever - when you finally realized you should - you did it with flair.

  2. Hi there, I made fabric cards for Christmas last year and they turned out really well. What supply shop did you get them in? I was looking at cards yesterday in Mr Price but they were too much, I got my last batch in K&M Evans which were really good quality. I really need to get some business cards made soon. x

  3. Simple but beautiful! I like them very much :D

  4. I have been doing this too...Great minds think a like!

  5. Your gift cards are really pretty. I really love how fabric works well with card, giving a shabby chic look to the whole. I would also be interested by the name of the supply shop :)

  6. Great idea Fi. Very appropriate to your product.


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