Monday, 4 June 2012

Fluffysheep's notebook tutorial

When I saw Cindy's tutorial earlier this year on how to make a notebook cover, I instantly fell in love with it, I  wanted needed to make one, I had been looking for a tutorial for ages and Cindy came up with a great one!

So my plans to finish off a quilt went out the window, shhh I will finish it in time for Friday this week, and instead started cutting for a notebook.  Cindy's tute is perfecto! It worked a dream.

I used some fusible interfacing on the outer cover for extra stability and  I lightly quilted the outer cover in straight lines.

I made one with 100% linen and japanese cotton fabric, and decorated it with some pretty buttons and again lightly quilted the outer cover with invisible thread.

Apologies for the poor quality of this last photo but it got dusky by the time I finished it but really wanted to show you.  The flowers along the top are lightly beaded and again I lightly quilted it.

They are great fun to make and so easy!

Have a great week!



  1. They look great! My favorite would be the second one. I love the grey with the red. It looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Interfacing and quilting! I never thought of that. Great idea! They look fantastic....esp the little typewriter :)

  3. These look great. Small projects are fun as you get a quick finish. Di x

  4. they look great, will have to go and check out the pattern

  5. I got all excited after making the first book cover and went out and bought some books to still in the cupboard! I really wish that we had another day in the week!

  6. I love what you've done! It's so, so cute! I have been toying around with making a Kindle cover, so this is particularly inspiring. :)

  7. this is awesome! i love how those polka dots look with the Ruby Star typewriter! do you know who made them?


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