Sunday, 10 June 2012

Granny Square Quilt

I wasted spent ages last night looking at my scraps of fabric blankly wondering what project to start next.  I flicked through my folder of patterns and I came across Blue Elephant Stitches tutorial.  So I took out my scraps and got cutting. 

Block 1

brown and yellow/greens
Block 2

reds and pinks

Now 18 to go, oh and I better not forget to continue with the swoon quilt 7 of them to do still - sigh - if only I had extra time!  Or perhaps I should stop starting new things and continue one and see it through that'd be more realistic methinks!

I am not a footie fan but I do like watching the big matches so I will be watching Ireland play tonight in Poland, Greece is through so let's see how Ireland does!

But before that I am going to make some mac cheese from Nigella Lawson's Express book which my mum bought me as a surprise yesterday! 

Enjoy your evening wherever you are!



  1. Fi I love them...especially the top one.

  2. I Love Granny Squares! I'm adding this to my quilt inspiration board :) Maybe one of these days I'll find sometime to get my "quilt on" :)

  3. Oh dear - footy not looking as good as your blocks right now x

  4. Unfortunately the Irish are not playing good tonight :( but your blocks look gorgeous! I love Grannys :)

  5. granny squares a habit forming

  6. Your grannies are cute...I have some of the same fabric as you- the hedgies in the top one and the pink blossom in the bottom one! Very pretty!

  7. Yippee! I'm making grannies tonight too! I really like your red/pink one :)

  8. ...great! I also gave a look to the blue elephant stitches, it's lovely!

  9. I find your blog right now!!! I like your creations,


  10. Yep, those granny square blocks look just right for using up scraps.


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