Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Quick update

It's raining (what's new) but I managed to grab a quick piccy of my third notebook cover, the previous post had a crappy picture so here it is in proper daylight.

I have added a few seed beads on the flower garland above the characters heads, see it there?

This fabric range is called The Gang designed by Marisa Anne.  I love it, it's cute, unusual and lovely quality cotton.

One of my friends thought it was a Kindle cover so I had to explain that it was for one of those things you write in, ah yes, times have changed, anyhow here's an inside shot.  Kindle cover is a goooood idea though, thanks Kelly!

Have a good day every one!!



  1. Oh the Gang give me the creeps, with their funny widespaced eyes!! Nice book cover for someone else though ;)

  2. Cute book cover (don't listen to Mrs FB). Di x

  3. Lovely choice of fabric for your notebook cover.


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