Saturday, 2 June 2012

Zakka Sew Along - Pincushion

I read the post, I bought the book ("sigh"), yes another one, yes another book! 

Over the last couple of weeks I have been dragging the book with me, and whilst sitting on the train flicking through the pages wishing I was at home trying to make all the lovely items in the book.

I am a bit behind, the pin cushion was week 3 and they are on week 8 now. 
From the Zakka Sew Along
I could have kicked myself as I had recently received 4 lovely buttons in the post free with an order, but selflessly (ahem!) gave them to a mate of mine who I thought might use them before me, and of course I needed a button for the back of this project BUT look what I found tucked in a corner of my cupboard!!

Back of pin cushion
Don't want those buttons now, want more of these little things which I got free with an order a couple of years ago, now to find some more online!

For those of you who want to try it here is the tutorial - pincushion tute

Have a great Saturday girls, wherever you are around the world!


  1. Well it was worth the wait, it's lovely! If you think you have too many craft books, you should come and check out my list - there's a tab on my blog called Craft Book Challenge, I seriously have a problem!

  2. Sucker!!!! but hey so did I, It's got some cute little things. oh but when to get the time to do these things!

  3. I love your little pin cushion, it is too cute. I was wondering if you could tell me what type and color the linen looking fabric is. The texture goes great with the rest of the fabrics.


  4. Your pincushion turned out great.
    I had checked the book out from my library but thanks to Hadley over at Flying Blind and her perfect 'deal' over at Book Depository, I have my own copy. Several fun projects in the book.


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