Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Modern Swap

Earlier this year the girls in the Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland organised a swap with the Atlanta Guild.

The time has come to show and tell and ship!

I got a lovely package during the week and I opened it with great anticipation and I wasn't disappointed.

Look what I got :)

Made by Karin Husty
I absolutely love it, Karin explained that she is an Art Quilt artist and that she screenprinted the design with water based crayons and went from there.  It's really a work of art and I thank you again Karin.

Here is a close up of the bird, she or he, I think she has a beaded eyes (my favourite!)

Now here is my effort, I would never in a million years be able to come up with something as beautiful as what Karin did, sure I can't even draw so let's not go there.

My mini quilt is based on an old granny block.  It measures approximately 13.5" ssquare.  I hand quilted around the outside of the block in red cotton.

Have a good weekend everyone :)


  1. oh wow! How amazing! I would not have even imagined something so amazing. Luck you!

    Your quilt is lovely. I really like the hand stitching! xx

  2. Oh Very creative....and love the handtitching on your mini quilt. I have to pack mine up tomorrow morning. I have to get some Lily's chocolates to send too seeing they are made in Co Kildare!

  3. Karin's quilt is amazing. I can't draw either, that is why patchwork is so good. It allows you to use colour and sew in straight lines. I like your stitching too. Di x

  4. Isn't that bird quilt amazing? You have been very blessed.

  5. Thank you Fiona! I just LOVE LOVE my quilt! The colors are beautiful and compliments my outside porch decor so nicely! It is gorgeous! And...Thank you for all the lovely comments ladies!! The drawing is not so hard...just get out those crayons and starting is really quite freeing! This was such fun. Thanks again Fiona....hopefully I will get to visit you in Ireland one is on my TO DO list!


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