Wednesday, 29 August 2012

It's been a while

Sorry for the long pause between blog posts.  No real excuse except to say I wanted a break from blogland, to be honest I felt I was putting a lot of pressure on myself, trying to read everyone's great blog posts, make stuff, read more, be tempted by joining up to this swap and that swap and frankly do it in very little spare time, so I switched off.  I was posting on Facebook though and on Instagram (love love this!) so if any of you are on instagram (patch_delights is who you need to look for) come find me!

Well it's nearly September and son #2 had his first taste of school today, it went fine, it looked like it could go either way, even though he is used to creche, but there were a lot of kids, parents and noise.  But thankfully he got through it and settled down at his class table and he didn't even realise we'd left!
He slept for 2 hours in the afternoon, shattered from the adrenalin I guess!

Well I have been busy making little quilt orders, and building up stock for a big Christmas Fair I have signed up for, eeek, it's 2 1/4 days long, so thinking positively I am thinking I need a load a stuff.  The reality?  I am way below what I need to bring, so I am working on a quilt and then making a journal or something for the fair.  I have a list (maybe it's too big?)

I don't have many photos but like I said check out instagram and FB where I have been posting, cannot believe I use my phone more than a camera nowadays!

Alphabet Soup fabric

Rush Hour
This quilt is finished, had to make two so I'll photograph the second one at the weekend
Ah bummer see I don't really have many photos on my PC what with the mobile phone! 

Ok got to go, working on a scrappy quilt, and can smell the chilli from the kitchen, yum!!!



  1. Loving all those tumblers!
    Having a break is good isn't it x

  2. Nice to have a break but I missed seeing your makes. You are going to be busy if you have to stock for a fair. Di x

  3. Hi Fi! Loving the Alphabet Soup quilt. So glad to see you're back :)

  4. The tumblers are GREAT! And everyone needs a break now and again. I was just thinking the other day how the pressure gets to me to always be having something "new" to share, to join into more things...and then the process gets all frantic rather than fun and therapeutic. :)

  5. When I have done shows, I sew things that would end up making great gifts if I don't end up selling them. That way, I make money sewing things I need to make and all my christmasy gifts to family & friends are handmade.
    Most of the Christmas 'bazaars' are well before the holiday so having it all made ahead of time leaves me time to enjoy all the holiday madness.

    Take a break, don't apologize. While I enjoy reading Hadley everyday, I can't fathom how she finds time to sew, run around her kids and send a personal thank you for commenting to me.
    Only you can decide how much you can do.

  6. By the way - it took me 9 tries to get the captcha "Prove you're not a robot" correct.
    Please, please, turn it off.
    You can always set your comments to "approve all" or "approve everything older than ten days".


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