Sunday, 4 November 2012

A get together and some fabric

It's been a while I know sorry about that, it's just that I have been keeping every spare minute free to make stock for the Marlay Christmas Craft Fair. 
It's a 2 1/2 day Christmas Fair on the 23/24 and 25 November.  I am both excited and nervous about this event.  Not meeting and greeting people, I love doing that at fairs!  No it's the humongous fear that I won't have enough stock!  But as some of my mates have said, stop worrying and keep making!  Simple eh!
Yesterday I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show in the RDS.  I hadn't planned on going but I was very fortunate to be invited by Erin from Billybuttondesign to join her as she had won two tickets to go!!!  Thank you Erin :)
Erin and I arranged to meet at the entrance and it turned out that Cindy from fluffysheepquilting was also going to the fair yesterday so while waiting for Erin, Cindy arrived!
Here we are in front of PippaBlue's stall.
Erin, me and Cindy
It was great the see the girls, put a face to the name!  We split up to browse buy and agreed to meet at 12 for coffee, again in front of Pippablue's stall.

Ger and Eva from Pippablue

Needless to the say the place was packed, got shoved a few times, but hey that's to be expected if you step in between someone and their ball of wool! 
I was glad to see that more modern fabrics are starting to sneak their way into this event.  In the past there have been too many "brown" prints, but this year there were fabrics for the modern gals, ok still a lot of brown but it's a start!
Cindy and Erin were discussing the fact that there was a stall with just Liberty prints.  I had of course heard of them but I didn't understand the appeal.  That was until Cindy and I bumped into each other in front of the Liberty stall and starting oohing and ahhing over the bolts of fabric.  But I wasn't prepared to buy...but Cindy (bless her) converted me, it wasn't too hard mind you. 
One thing though and I thought I'd mention it in case you never thought to check, I was looking at 2 FQs that I was itching to buy when I noticed a HUGE selvage, it must have been well over 1"in thickness, I am not exaggerting.  Cindy took the bolt of the corresponding fabric and asked the stallholder to cut a fresh FQ which he agreed to do after we said that we like selvages but not that much!  So just be careful because if you aren't into selvages there would have been a bit too much wastage. 
My first pieces of Liberty fabric
What else did I buy, well I seriously needed to replace one of my quilting rulers, and picked one of them up for €15, so glad I have it now because its predecessor had lost most of it's lines and therefore was useless and I resorted to using my large ruler but not great if you are cutting small pieces with a long long ruler!
Like I said we agreed to meet at 12 to take a break and I managed to snag a table, but Cindy had to hang on to Erin's chair for dear life as it would have been whipped away from us as nearly happened with Cindy's chair when she was going to sit on it!
While we were chatting Erin produced a bag and from it she pulled out these...
mini pin cushions
How cute are they?  Mini mini pin cushions, I am going to make some of these, they are super cute!  My son is looking at this piccy now and said what are they mummy they look like cupcakes, I love cupcakes! 
Ok so to wrap it up, here are some photos of little bits of fabric I picked up even though I had told myself I was going to be good!
A selection of blues, the dogs will be for a baby ball
I was so eager to start making stuff after loosing my craft fair mojo, I started making and quilting a mug rug last night, you are looking at the cats in the centre and the massive eggy yellow fabric on the outside, sorry don't know the names
Eggs and cats!
Finally after sitting on my flea market for months I made a mug rug with flea market and linen.  Can you believe I had to unpick 5 straight lines and start again as the linen was pulling at the bottom so it was no longer a straight line, couldn't you just scream when something like that happens?  My fault, hadn't pinned it properly and had not used my walking foot, because when I did the latter two it worked out ok, phew!

Linen and flea market mug rug
Have a good Sunday!


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic day, and it's always great to be with friends

  2. So glad you lovely ladies all had fun!
    Love that FMF mug rug so much xxx

  3. What a fantastic day out and even better when you meet up with bloggy friends. Di x

  4. Years of American day after Thanksgiving sales for Christmas prepared me for that craziness. How hilarious reading this - it's all totally true: I stole chairs from other tired shoppers to save it for Erin, I negotiated to get us all the fabric we could for our euro spent and I didn't hold back at Liberty. Most of all, I had a WONDERFUL time with the two of you. I'd do it all again tomorrow :)


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