Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Craft Fair 23-25 November 2012

Well the time has arrived, Marlay Craft Fair is taking place this weekend from 23-25 November 2012.

I have been working flat out to make stock for this fair, it's the first time participating in a large fair.  A bit of "running around like a headless chicken" was happening in my house.  The kids have been very patient with Mummy spending a lot of spare time working on items.

At the moment I am trying to work out how to display everything, I have baskets, a little shelf, cardbook boxes for underneath the stall but no other height.  Although I am looking at a little wooden IKEA box thingy as I am sitting here typing, will probably nab that off the shelf and incorporate it somehow.

If it's okay with you I would like to share some piccies of what I will be bringing with me to try and sell.  Just a small selection.

Drawstring bags from tutorial name to be supplied!
Linen "bunting" mug rugs
I am hoping to cover a decent spectrum of prices, you know affordable prices.

I have made several notebook covers using Cindy's tutorial.

Notebook cover - A5
So if you are in Dublin this weekend, why not pop in to Marlay Craft Fair, Rathfarnham?!

Friday 23.11.12 6-9pm
Saturday 24.11.12 10-5pm
Sunday 25.11.12 10-5pm
If you do go make sure you come over and say "hi"!



  1. I hope it goes really well for you!

  2. Oh your bags are so cute. I thought that Friday night was invite only....let me know because I'll be up at the inlaws then.

  3. Oh I wish I could come. Your stall is sure to be a hit. You have some lovely items to sell. Di x

  4. Fi, lovely lovely lovely. Good luck and enjoy it! Wish I could come along. Hope you are all well. Much Love Clare

  5. Have a wonderful time! Love the goodies you have on offer :) Will you please take photos and show us your stand?

  6. You could put some sticks in a tall vase with stones and hang the bags from those... I also made taller displays by gluing cheap plates to candle holders to make a high spot... also, try shoeboxes or such covered with a nice FQ, some flat and some on their side for more height... visual interest is key... your pieces look wonderful though! Oh... and bring a mug for the mugrugs, maybe a play cookie as well if you have one?

  7. You know, when I make it back to Ireland, I am totally stopping by.
    Good luck on your show.

  8. Hope you are having a good time at your craft fair.


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