Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Post Marlay - feeling human again!

As promised guys here is a little run down on my first ever massive 2.5 day Christmas Craft Fair.  It took place last weekend at Marlay House.  There is a huge park attached to this house and a few times a year the County Council open the house to the public, one of these occassions was the craft fair.  Therefore great footfall!

Arriving at lunchtime
I am glad that I did a mock up of my stall the night before so that I had an idea of how my items would look and to bounce ideas off hubby.  It's great to get a second opinion.  But it also meant that I get my table set in next to no time because I had done all the hemming and hawing the night before.

My little stall
I was conscious that I had to get height so I shoved shoe boxes and cardboard boxes that I had held on to over the previous months under my white table cloth and that helped to give different heights.

Close ups of some items I had brought with me.

A scrappy pouch
The above pouch really was a fav of mine, it started out as a drawstring bag, I love using Jeni's tutorial, the instructions are great, and they are easy to run up.  However I wasn't paying attention and made a booboo.  So after leaving the bag in a huff overnight I came back to it and decided to make it into a boxed pouch.  SOLD!

Quick quilting job!

Close up of quilting
The notebook covers looked great on the stall so glad I made them.

I made some pincushions and linen pouches oh and mug rugs!

Tips ?  Let me share my wisdom!

1.  In the winter DRESS WARM, have layers even if you are inside!

2.  Bring thermos, sandwiches, snacks

3.  Keep your stall looking fresh, hold back some of your items, don't overload your stall, people cannot see the wood for the trees.

4.  Have fun and sell plenty!



  1. Hello honey. Looks good. Hope you enjoyed it.


  2. Glad it went well for you -- the items look great on your stand and I love all your tips!

  3. Your stall looks great. I hope that it was profitable too. Di x

  4. Delighted to hear it went so well for were well organized and it showed.

  5. Sounds like a success and looked beautiful x


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