Sunday, 20 January 2013

A bit of fabric and some stars

Did you get snow?

We got non-stop rain on Friday, rain / sleet showers yesterday and today. I love when it snows but hate when it turns to may be it's good we got off lightly compared to our UK neighbours.

The rain didn't interfere with our post deliveries :) and a package arrived from my lovely sponsor Fililis.  

Working from the top down they are as follows: Petite Fleurs Red, Happy Dot Citron, Sailor's ABC in Flame, Find the Narwhal in Breeze and Flower Shop in Raspberry all by Michael Miller.

Patricia (the owner) is very helpful, nothing is a problem, and delivery was very fast. 

I know what I will use the Narwhals balls of course.  Some of the fabric will be for binding for a couple of my custom baby quilts and the rest, I will be holding it for the right project.

It's horrible out this morning, I took up my hand sewing project.  Six pointed stars.  I am hoping to make these into a cushion cover.

Once you start these move along quite nicely.  Who doesn't enjoy a bit of hand sewing now and again particularly on a wet cold day!


  1. Yes it's definitely weather to stay indoors, what a nice fabric parcel that came for you!

  2. Lovely parcel of fabric. Your stars are going to make awesome cushions. Di x

  3. What a lovely addition to your stash. I love hand sewing. I really like your star too. Polly.

  4. I've been enjoying quilt binding and staying in to avoid the grey slush!

  5. Your star is going to be so pretty!


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