Thursday, 24 January 2013

A new me!

You know the saying "talk is cheap"?

Well I have been saying for the last couple of weeks that I wanted to start exercising by going jogging.

I bought the runners last weekend. 

I have a jogging companion, son #1

Now I need to just DO IT!

 So I did!

That's me coming back from my first jog in 20 years, Ant (laughing chappy there) came with me! 

My chest was burning, it hurt so much, says a lot about my fitness eh!  But glad I took the first step.

 That's son #2's hat, my hat has bobbles which is not conducive to comfortable running!  So we are going to go out again tonight, baby steps.

Do you remember these six point stars?

They are growing and turning into a cushion cover.

Nearly there I think.

Have a good day!



  1. I did it once with my boy - to get him tired - I said, I never gonna do this again *gg*

  2. Well done you, I am waiting for some warmer weather (I am in the UK) and then I shall be having a go at this,

    I have never run before but cannot afford gym membership so I hope I enjoy it!

  3. Should have said sunny England, I am waiting for the snow to melt in case I fall A over T!

  4. I wish I could join you but it's a little far from naas to run


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