Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Patchwork Room no more!

Look, look at my patchwork room?!  It's been taken over by a 5 yr old and his stuff!!!

Ah the sacrifices Mummy makes!

Basically we gave the boys their own rooms this week.  Older son got the bigger room which they originally shared and the 5 yr old got "my" room.  He got settled in straight away.

Meanwhile my patchwork paraphenalia is now in my bedroom...

A nook for my stuff.

The view from my patchwork table, and no I didn't (couldn't) make the bedspread, but my mum gave me the crocheted blanket at the foot of the bed, see it there?  I now also have a radio in my room, yippee!

While I was sorting through my fabrics and rearranging everything I put aside a couple of bits of fabric that have been following me around from place to place.  The whales fabric is a cord type fyi.

So if any of you want it just leave a comment and I will contact you to send it off to you. 

Have a good day!




  1. You are such a good mummy! I'd love those fabrics pieces especially the cord. I need to sort my stash out but I've been poorly the last few days so haven't dared to start!

  2. Lucky boys but I feel very sad for Mummy. At least you still have a sewing nook. Di x

  3. Fi, I had a little sewing room, but was turfed out also. I now have the dining room! Lovely Fabrics x

  4. I hope the new arrangement works for all of you.

  5. I sew in my bedroom too! I also need to sort out and giveaway some fabric!

  6. Kathleen O'Connor3 January 2013 at 21:12

    fabric looks great
    I would love sewing room. I look after my grandsons 2 days a week so everything has to be put away hopefully this year might get one

  7. You know I am a sucker for fabric.. anyone snatched up those birds? He has certainly moved in, just be aware of the runaway treads...they attach to your clothes very quickly.

  8. Oh Fiona I'm feeling very sorry for you. Would he not be happy on a mattress in the nook in your room??? ha ha ha. You are indeed a good Mum x

  9. That whale fabric is fab!!

    I actually feel your pain at loosing your sewing room, I'd be heartbroken...I suppose needs must and of course your sons need bedrooms....!

  10. This is Uncanny, as we're in the process of moving Mr.4year old into what was once "Mummy's Work Room" - I am sitting in a half empty shell of a room with all my making things (and Daddy's "Vintage Video Game collection") in a big manky pile in the bedroom...
    Still, it's nice for the kids to have their own space, and it looks like a lovely bedroom to sew in. :)

  11. poor Mummy. nice Mummy. Hope you dont end up dreaming about patchwork now!

  12. Im losing my crafting room as well, but to my 6 month old girl. i don't really have any place to move it to either so I'm in a bit of a quandary! I would love to put my name in for the fabric if you haven't already given it away, thanks Fiona :)

  13. Kitchen table is my only option at the moment, it's so messy though. PS it looks like I'm chatting away to myself here lol but I think I'm the only one who can see your reply to my comment!

  14. I have part of our garage, works well , we all just need to do what we love so much where ever we can . just starting out in this wonderful hobby. thanks for a chance to win .


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