Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Scrappy Pram Quilt

I had this scrappy pram quilt top made at the end of last year but didn't get a chance to finish it so I thougt I'd get it sorted last night.

I bought the backing (northcott range) in a Dublin shop but man I was checking for blood stains talk about a tight cut!  I had to be really careful that the quilt top sit perfectly on the wadding and the backing, that's why I had to cut it on one side so that I could be sure it lined up!

Once again sorry if the photos are a bit faint but I took the photos last night.

Once I had pinned the quilt I started FMQ all over.  But I started doing little loops, as hubby said it looks like a (cute) snail walked over the quilt.  Because I pinned the quilt heavily the fabric didn't shift too much, thankfull it all stayed put.

Next attaching the binding..

I quilt like the look of this as though the binding was a skinny border, may be for my next pram quilt I will do that?

I machine sewed the binding to the back, I used to hand sew it on but as you know it can take some serious time and what with being back to a 5 day week I need to turn things around faster.

The light isn't much better this morning, it's a grey day today but I took photos any way!

And the back...

So little quilt done and ready and waiting in my etsy shop!



  1. That certainly is a beautiful quilt. I love the binding you have chosen. And as for your quilting, that is something I must aspire to do. I have just started to straightmachine quilt today so I think I'm a piece away from FMQ ... but one day.

  2. It turned out so well. It is very pretty. Di x

  3. Such a beautiful quilt Fiona!!

  4. That is a gorgeous quilt. I just found your blog and looking forward to seeing more of your patchwork.


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