Friday, 1 February 2013

January's achievements or not!

Remember I decided to start running last week?

Well I promise I did continue running for a few days but then I got severe pain running down the back of my legs.  So Ant and I decided to walk down to Cubs tonight.  Round trip for me meant I walked solidly for 1 hour and thoroughly enjoyed it,  I broke into a sweat and felt the walk in my legs but in a good way.  So I am afraid running isn't going to suit me, walking is the way forward for me :).

Lost my mojo this week, I am just so tired, busy at work and burning the candle at both ends isn't ideal as a lot of you know but sure let me show you a few things that got done this month.  

Jeez, felt like I did more than this, I have added a WIP in there for good measure, sure why not! 

I know why, I put most of my photos on instagram!!!  You will find me there under patchworkdelights, if you haven't signed up to it, go for it, it's great!  

Right off to get Ant now, but by car now 1 hour tonight is enough for one day!

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  1. You still seem like superwoman, running or not!

  2. One of my doctors keeps saying "push, don't shove." You've figured it out. Walking is pushing for you. Running is shoving. If you push you will continue improving. If you shove, you just might get a big set back.

    I like the picture mosaic, by the way.


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