Monday, 18 February 2013

Plan of Action

Day off today yipee!

Kids are in school, coffee ready, quick blog post and off to work I ... well swap chairs to my desk behind me.  Yes I have moved my patchwork paraphenalia again.

I am now in my sitting room, I can see my garden, which will be a great view in the Spring/ Summer.

I have been doing some handsewing in the evenings and my cushion cover is almost finished.

Today I need to get a tumbler quilt, quilted and bound.  Then get a start on my other one although I think I will need to run out and get some backing for it, unless I can get enough bits together to make an interesting back.

So enough yakking on my part and more action!

Have a good Monday all!


  1. Hi Fi,
    hope you have a great crafting day - its great that the sun is out for you....
    this morning is my computer morning but I have a walk outside to look forward to later.


  2. lucky you, have a lovely day! I love the handstitch project, it's so pretty and I look forward to seeing the tumblers all finished.

  3. That is going to look SOO awesome. Love the orange star especially :)

  4. The fabrics in your tumblers are very pretty!


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