Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sewing Box

Not a huge Cath Kitson fan to be honest BUT having said that when I received a leaving gift from one of the solicitors I became slightly converted.   I might just say at this point, not happy with the photos I'm taking due to the bad light at this time of year but look picmonkey helps!

The thing weighs a ton, but what a really beautiful gift.  The chap knows I love patchwork (sewing) and he got me something that he knew would be well useful.  I wasn't expecting anything from him, as normally you buy for someone that's leaving and not vice versa. I was like a kid in a sweet shop, showing it to my girlfriends at work!  Everyone loved it!

Look what's inside...(one of her books was underneath that tray that you see there)

Inside shot with cool compartments

There's bias binding, pins, tape measure, scissors with leather holder in the shop of an owl.

So when we head to Greece later this year, you'll see me lugging this with me and trying to pass it off as one of those make up boxes that some women take with them, mine's my sewing kit!


  1. That was really kind of him. Can't see it passing through security though! Di x

  2. Fi, just goes to show that whereever you work, your talents are appreciated. x

  3. That is a seriously gorgeous sewing kit! I don't know if they have them in Canada but I'll look or make one myself!! What a wonderful, thoughtful gift!!

  4. What a lovely, thoughtful gift.

  5. beautiful, what a fantastic gift!

  6. I'm not a CK fan either but can also imagine your delight at such a thoughtful gift, practical and pretty - enjoy!

  7. How lovely. What a wonderful surprise for you.

  8. Now that is such a kind, thoughtful gift. Not usually a CK fan myself, but it's beautiful :)


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